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Liberian president orders asset declaration by ‘delinquent’ ministers

By Skynewsafrica Dec7,2018


President George Weah of Liberia has ordered his ministers to declare their assets to the mandatory state institution by next week, a release from the presidency, Executive Mansion, read.

The release titled ‘Declare Your Assets, Submit Procurement Plans Or Else,’ added that those that failed to comply by the orders will face punitive sanctions consistent with the law. Weah was addressing a special cabinet meeting on Thursday.

“During the campaign, we told the people of Liberia and assured the international community that our government would adopt a zero tolerance posture towards corruption and graft and would demonstrate utmost transparency and accountability,” Weah is quoted to have said.

The president whiles underscoring the importance of assets declaration to probity and accountability of public officials stressed that it was going to be enforced because his administration had promised to do better than the previous regime.

President Weah also waded into the area procurement plans by the respective ministries and government institutions.

The presidency said Weah had instructed all government ministries, agencies and commissions to submit their procurement plans to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC) in the shortest possible time.

According to him, failure so to do will result in the denial of allocations and sanctions to respective ministers. “I am ordering the Minister of Finance not to honor or execute any payment to any ministry or agency failing to submit its procurement plan,” the President said.

“I am sure this will compel delinquent agencies to comply,” he added. Weah is closing in on his first year in office after he was sworn in early this year having won a run-off vote against the then vice-president Joseph Boakai.

He stressed that meeting their campaign promises was the best sign “that we mean business or that we are not here to joke. Keeping our promises is the greatest seasons’ gift we can give our people,” he added.

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