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UNESCO aims to strengthen deep learning in Africa

By Skynewsafrica Dec14,2018


By Mbeki Andrew

With its impact on human society, Artificial Intelligence has been the subject of discussion in many forums around the globe. An International Forum on artificial Intelligence was held in Benguerir, Morocco, at Mohammed VI University to highlight the impact of digital coherence in our society today.

Organized by UNESCO, more than 200 digital actors weighed in opportunities offered by this new technology.

“Stakes and opportunity of this technological revolution, which is made at the same time of data in algorithm and also on capacity to deep learning which allows us to see its new advances. This is to ensure that it can render sustainable service to human development,” said Audrey Azoulay, the director of UNESCO.

Artificial intelligence is already spreading in Africa, but is also presenting challenges that must be tackled now, to avoid aggravating the problems facing the continent like unemployment due to the emergence of new technologies. forms of employment, respect for human rights and also the question of ethics.

Only 20% of the African population has access to the Internet, but what are the strategies that digital actors and UNESCO intend to put in place so that the continent will not miss to experience this new technological revolution in perspective? More shall be revealed in the second phase of this forum.

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