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Nigerian meat sellers patronize cattle rustlers – Army

Nigerian meet sellers patronize cattle rustlers – Army


Nigerian butchers also known as meat sellers are recipients of cattle rustling, says the Special Task Force (STF), Commander, in the northcentral state of Plateau, Major General Augustine Agundu.

Agundu said most Nigerians have been eating stolen meat owing to the fact that rustlers ends up selling rustled cattle to butchers at various markets across the country.

The STF boss stated this on Monday in Barkin-ladi Local Government Area of Plateau state, where he held a stakeholders meeting with locals and the Fulani community aimed at addressing the recent attacks which reoccurred in December 2018. 

“Some butchers at various markets are recipients of cattle rustling who ends up selling the rustled cattle to their innocent buyers.

“Those involved are syndicates made up of people from both communities of the Fulani’s and the Berom and it is unfortunate that this is also the reason for the wanton killings amongst both tribes.

“These senseless killings is as a result of the criminality perpetrated by the syndicates who paints a picture of strive between the natives and the Fulani herdsmen that eventually leads to crisis.

“The Fulani’s rustle their own cattle and sell to the butchers and in most other situations, investigation also reveals that the natives in synergy with the Fulani also run the cartel.

“If you all understand this, the need to fight and kill yourselves will not arise, rather you will all put heads together to fish out the criminals among you and hand them over to security agencies”, Agundu said.

Responding, representatives of various community heads at the forum pledged to strive to coexist promising to forgive the past misgivings.

They also however, ventilated their grievances and made suggestions on models to be adopted if any meaningful peace will be achieved.

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