US military says 52 Somali Islamists killed in air strike

Islamic State insurgents overrun northeast Nigerian town: security sources


United States military forces carried out an air strike on Saturday against Islamist group al-Shabab, killing 52 militants, according to a statement from US Africa Command.

“US Africa Command conducted the air strike in response to an attack by a large group of al-Shabab militants against Somali National Army Forces. We currently assess this air strike killed fifty-two militants,” read the statement.

Military officials and local elders in Somalia said heavily-armed Shabaab militants had launched a dawn raid on a military camp, followed by a heavy exchange of gunfire which lasted hours.

“The terrorists attacked Bulogagdud military base using heavy weaponry and explosives. The Somali military and Jubaland forces resisted the enemy before later retreating back from the base,” Mohamed Abdikarin, a Somali military official told Sky News Africa by phone.

“Six soldiers were killed during the attack and two others died after a booby-trapped vehicle was detonated when the forces retook control of the base,” he added.


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