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Election: Nigeria’s Gov. Lalong gets Antelope as victory sign

Election: Nigeria's Gov. Lalong gets Antelope as victory sign


As Nigerians decide on Saturday 16th February and 2nd March respectively on who takes them on another Journey of four years in governance, Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau state, in the northcentral part of the country yesterday received an antelope from one of his admirer and supporter, as a symbol of victory in the coming polls.

Lalong who is seeking re-election as governor was elated and moved with tears saying, “With this gift I am certain that victory is sure”.

The show of gesture happened at a campaign rally in Mabudi, Langtang South local government area of the state, the same constituency his biggest rivalry from the main opposition party hails from, our correspondent reports.

From left, Governor Simon Lalong receiving an antelope from his supporter, during a campaign rally in northcentral Plateau state.

Political watchers however told Sky News Africa that the significance of what happened in Langtang could mean that the people of the zone could have rejected their own, Mr. Jeremiah Useni, who is visibly seen as a strong contender in the governorship race.

According to the Director of Press to the Governor, Mark Longyen, said that the young Taroh man who hails from the same ethnic group with the Governor’s main challenger, managed to meander his way through the surging crowd and security cordon at the venue of the rally to get access to the Governor, adding that It is believed that the gift of an antelope is a symbol and blessing for unbeatable speed and victory in any race that one is involved in against any opponent.

“The visibly elated Governor Lalong who was nearly moved to tears by the rare show of admiration for him, requested that the donor be allowed to climb the podium and take a photo with him.

“The Governor said that the significance of the gift of an antelope was not lost on him, stressing that he would take it home with the belief that he had already symbolically won the forthcoming election by the gesture.

“The Governor reciprocated the young man’s gesture by immediately announcing the donation of a giant size motorcycle and the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand Naira to his admirer as fueling and maintenance funding”, Longyen said

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