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Nigeria’s Buhari will not get bloc votes from the north – Clergy

A Nigerian clergy says Buhari has allocated votes to himself ahead of 2019 polls


A Nigerian clergy has said President Muhammadu Buhari will not get bloc votes from the northern part of the country unlike he got in the 2015 general elections that brought him to power.

The clergy popularly known as Prophet Isa El-Buba, also predicted that the sitting President will not win the February 16th presidential polls.

El-Buba who is also the General Overseer of the Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International (EBOMI), said Buhari will not get up to 15 per cent votes from the entire northern region  which is his strong hold. 

“What happened in 2015 will not repeat it self because Nigerians have seen the failure of this government: the north gave him block votes in 2015, the South-west gave him over 50 per cent as well but I can tell you that he will not be lucky this time.

“Come February 16th, in the South-west, Buhari will not get up to 40 per cent votes; South-east he will manage to get 20 per cent; South-south he will also manage to get 20 per cent votes and North-central he might get 45 per cent votes.   

“If you go to Adamawa state, with the disenchantment, security situation and rate of poverty, the President will not get 50 per cent  votes and in Kano state, with the Kwankwaso movement which is like a cult followership, Buhari will not get 50 per cent votes.

“With what has happened in Kaduna like terrorism, the Shiite fall out with with the federal government, insults on Christians by the state governor picking a Muslim as his running mate and with the latest statement of terrorism by the same Nasir El-Rufai, there is no way the President will get up to 40 per cent votes in Kaduna state”, El Buba said. 

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