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Here’s why Nigeria’s election was postponed

Here's why Nigeria's election was postponed


Delays in transporting electoral material, rather than external pressure was the reason Nigeria’s presidential and national elections were postponed, according to the chairman of the electoral commission.

“Our decision was entirely taken by the commission. It has nothing to do with security, nothing to do with political influence, nothing to do with availability of resources,” Yakubu, chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), told a gathering of foreign election observers and reporters.

Yakubu said some sensitive election material had been distributed but all had been returned to the central bank and an audit would now be conducted.

The commission also confirmed that campaigns would remain closed, for the presidential election.

INEC announced in the early hours of Saturday that the vote would now be held on Feb. 23.

Summary of Yakubu’s address to stakeholders

  • No election today because of delays in transporting electoral material
  • INEC is not under any external pressure
  • Distributed election material has been returned to central bank
  • Audit to be conducted
  • Campaigns remain closed

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