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Nigerian clergy pushes for Christian northern President

Nigerian clergy push for Christian Northern Presidential Candidate


I am aware that we have a Presidential candidate that is a Christian that has shown that he has the political will and vision to lead this nation devoid of religious and ethnic sentiments, sentiments which have destroyed our nation since Independence, says a Nigerian clergy, Rev. Pandang Yamsat.

Yamsat who spoke on Thursday in Jos, the capital city of Plateau in central Nigeria, also said “We have a credible third force from the northern part of the country who has experienced this religious and ethnic divide that has destroyed the country for years”.

The clergy is of the view that when it is said that power has shifted to the north, why can’t a Christian from the north contest and be voted to power rather than Muslims always fronting to represent the north.

“Christian in the north must have a voice, the young once among us must be prepared to take up the challenge and be bold to head for the seat of the President; God has not given us the spirit of timidity but the spirit of sound mind”.

He said that northern Christian have been relegated to the background calling on both Muslims and Christians alike to come out in their numbers to support Moses Shippi, a young northern Nigerian candidate from northwestern Bwai, Bauchi state contesting on the platform of the All Blending Party.

“The new Nigeria that Nigerians are looking for should be a young mind and not people who are difficult to change and have ruled us for ages and the result of their leadership has taken us downhill and not uphill to greater heights,” he said.

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