Nigeria’s Plateau stolen baby recovered, parents takes custody


……When I saw my stolen baby I knew, because my breast milk gushed out – Mother of stolen baby recounts.

The stolen baby from Nigeria’s northcentral Plateau State’s Specialist Hospital, has been recovered and handed over to her biological parents on Monday in Jos, the city capital.

The baby was found after five days she was stolen from the hospital, but had to undergo medical and police investigation before finally handed over to her Mother, Mrs. Mary Chukwuebuka.

Chukwuebuka said when she saw her missing baby, her breast milk gushed out and she immediately knew it was her child.

However, the Chief Medical Director (CMD), of the hospital, Dr. Philemon Golwa, while handing over the baby to the rightful parents, expressed happiness over the recovery of the stolen child from its abductors.

Golwa said that generic testing conducted on both baby and the parents confirmed that the baby biologically belongs to the parents, the baby was stolen from.

“Today is not a day of mourning; it is a day of celebration of life that was thought to have been lost but now found.

“When this special baby was stolen from this hospital, I was worried, but with our efforts and that of the Police, God has made it possible for us to celebrate.

“We had a breakthrough on Thursday with the recovery of the baby from the woman who “technically” snatched her. The woman has confessed to the Police that she actually stole the child.

“Paternity test, done through DNA, and the blood groups genotype testing, have all shown that the child belongs to the couple. They are the real parents of the child.

“Even though another DNA test will be ready in two weeks as we have taken it to another state for confirmation, the testing of the blood group clearly shows that this couple are the baby’s parents.” the excited CMD said.

Sky News Africa recalls that a baby belonging to a 30-year-old Mary Chukwuebuka, a resident of Jos, northcentral Nigeria, was stolen from her, three days after birth, at the Hospital where she went for delivery.

Chukwuebuka had told newsmen that she gave birth on May 28, and the child, a baby girl, was stolen from her on May 31st, by a woman who dressed and posed as a doctor in the hospital.

According to her, the woman had claimed that she was taking the baby for further tests at the theatre.

The suspect, Mrs. Leritshimwa Diyal, had claimed that she was kidnapped hours to her expected time of delivery and had been delivered of a healthy female child while in the kidnappers’ custody.

Diyal, 30 years of age, claimed that she was taken to a bush somewhere near Abuja, Nigeria’ capital city, some 300 kms away from Jos, where she was delivered of the child.

The Police are yet to make a statement on their level of investigation and when they intend to arraign the suspect.

Sky News Africa’s findings revealed that Mrs. Diyal the abductor, has been married for more than eight years without a child.


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