Senegal protests over fraudulent oil deals

Senegal protests over fraudulent oil deals


Oil, one of the world’s biggest source of income as well as trouble. Senegal being the latest country to be afflicted.

On Friday, thousands of people took to the streets of the capital Dakar to protest oil contracts condemned as fraudulent. A new demonstration following accusations of corruption against the Senegalese President’s brother.

Aliou Sall, the president’s younger brother, is said to have received $250,000 from a Romanian businessman linked to the oil market. Senegalese people are demanding transparent management of their black gold.

“We are here to say no to everything that is happening in this country with regard to the issue of oil and gas, Senegal’s natural resources, how contracts are negotiated at the expense of Senegalese people, which is why we are here to renegotiate these contracts and ensure that justice is free and transparent in the country,” said Papa Diop, protester.

Some demonstrators are calling for justice on the . While the bolder ones are asking Macky Sall to resign.


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