Theresa May to tell Russia to ‘go down different path’ during G20 talks

Theresa May to tell Russia to 'go down different path' during G20 talks


Theresa May is using her swansong on the world stage to give Russia another chance to come in from the cold.

She has succumbed to advances from Vladimir Putin who asked for a meeting at the G20 summit.

Mrs May says Russia must end its malign behaviour, its use of cyber attacks and disinformation and she repeated her condemnation of the Salisbury novichok poisonings.

The prime minister told Sky News she wants to give the Russian leader a clear message: “Russia can go down a different path if it desists from this sort of activity.”

“Let’s be clear about the poisoning that took place on the streets of Salisbury, on the streets of the UK. This was a despicable act, it was a reckless act.”


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