Ethiopia’s health minister resigns

Ethiopia's health minister resigns


Ethiopians took to social media to express dismay at news of the imminent resignation of the country’s health minister, Dr. Amir Abiy.

News of Amir’s resignation is currently being reported local news portals, including Addis Standard and commentators like Markos Feleke.

While reasons for the youthful minister’s departure are not yet clear, a tweet by Feleke gave the impression that it might have to do with the ruling coalition’s system of balancing political and ethnic representation in the cabinet.

‘‘Very sad that our country couldn’t retain hard working officials like Dr. Amir who’s delivering with zeal and innovation. With merit based public office appointment like Amir, you go to office to do your job. With representation you go to office to defend the group,’‘ Feleke said.

Amir, who was appointed health minister last year in April has championed several initiatives including car free days and urged Ethiopians to adopt healthy lifestyles.


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