Coronavirus: Rwanda bans night clubs; strict guidelines for hotels etc.

skynewsafrica Rwanda bans night clubs; strict guidelines for hotels etc


The coronavirus epidemic continues to disrupt life across the world. The disruption is gathering steam in African countries that have recorded cases as compared to for example Italy where the entire country is almost in a lockdown.

The impact on gatherings is an area that most African governments have moved to control. Kenya has barred public gatherings after recording its index case. Uganda and other countries are calling for less gatherings.

Our main coronavirus hub is seized with major developments around the epidemic. This piece will focus on the impact on entertainment and other cultural events.

Rwanda issues hospitality guidelines

Rwanda Development Board has written to managers and owners of hospitality establishments reminding them of COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

Business that fall under the hospitality establishment include: Hotels, accommodation entities, restaurants, bars, pubs and night clubs. The release dated March 18, 2020 was signed by RDB CEO, Clare Akamanzi.

The three-point guidelines were as follows:

  • Install hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers in all establishments.
  • Entertainment activities have to be temporarily stopped (live bands, DJs, night clubs, pool table games etc) until further notice.
  • Customers in restaurants should be served seated and should strictly observe at least one-meter distance.

Rwanda also announced fixed prices for certain basic commodities amid price-gouging by traders. Across Africa, people seeking to stock food for any eventualities and traders seeking undue profit have caused prices of commodities to spike.

South African choir joins corona combat

The Ndlovu Youth Choir in South Africa are making waves on social media with a song preaching effective prevention methods for the coronavirus.

In a 1 minute 6 seconds video, the group in brightly coloured traditional dresses dance whiles advising people on the rampaging virus. The track titled “We’ve Got this – Fight against Coronavirus / COVID-19” advices as follows:

  • Wash your hands
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Don’t go to the doctor, just call
  • Don’t panic, we will beat corona
  • Don’t spread rumours

The song is in a local dialect with English translations blended in seamlessly. The choir is famous for its animated performance at the 2019 finals of America’s Got Talent. It gained Twitter traction after it was shared by Director-General of the World Health Organization, WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


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