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PHOTOS: Moroccans swim, sing, reconnects as lockdown lifts

MOROCCO  Moroccans are re-experiencing a taste of the life before. In newly opened public spaces, every sip of coffee...

Court upholds South Africa’s cigarette sales ban in lockdown

SOUTH AFRICA An effort to lift South Africa’s ban on cigarette sales during the country’s coronavirus lockdown has failed.

Card games, pool, TV shows entertain Zimbabweans in lockdown

ZIMBABWE It’s come to this: Some children in Zimbabwe are so tired of the weeks of coronavirus lockdown they...

Anti-lockdown protest in Madagascar over alleged police brutality

MADAGASCAR A scuffle broke out between protesters and police in Madagascar Wednesday as citizens took to the street to...

Nigeria coronavirus: Lockdown relaxation starts, Kano deaths virus-related

NIGERIA The easing of a federal lockdown on Lagos, capital Abuja and Ogun states. The government says the reopening...