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Watch: The harrowing moment a taxi flies into pedestrians in Ballito SA [video]


By Mbeki Andrew

 There were scenes of pure horror over the long weekend in the coastal KZN town of Ballito in South Africa as CCTV footage captured a horror-crash involving a speeding taxi and a group of innocent pedestrians.

Watch the Ballito taxi crash here:

Warning – this a graphic video featuring the death of a bystander. Viewer discretion is highly advised.)

Sadly, one of the victims of the video was pronounced dead just after medical crews got to the scene. The other passenger struck by the vehicle has suffered minor injuries, whereas four occupants of the taxi were also taken to hospital for treatment to lacerations and fractures.

Ballito taxi crash claims a life

The video itself suggests that the blame may not lie solely with this driver. The vehicle smashes into a red car, which doesn’t seem to have the right of way at this particular intersection. However, the taxi driver is certainly going at a considerable speed, which has contributed to making the situation worse than it needed to be.

Paramedics from IPSS Medical Rescue were the first response unit at the tragic incident. They issued the following statement, confirming that the female pedestrian could not be saved despite their best efforts: 

“It is believed that the taxi was travelling towards the N2 when a light motor turning right towards the Lifestyle centre, collided at the intersection. Following the impact, the taxi veered on to the pavement colliding with a pedestrian.”

“IPSS Medical Rescue advanced life support paramedics, together with Lenmed Ethekweni advanced life support paramedics, found a female patient in a critical condition, initiating an advanced life support resuscitation. Sadly, the patient succumbed to their injuries and was declared deceased on scene.”

Road deaths in December

It serves as a fateful reminder to all road users that they must exercise extreme caution, particularly during this month: December is earmarked as the deadliest periods for motorists, due to increased traffic volumes and the stupidly-high number of drink-drivers who act with no regard for the safety of themselves or others.

As you can see in the video below, speed kills as well. Trying to beat red lights just to shave seconds off your journey time is a mug’s game, and South Africans must do all they can to stay safe on the roads over Christmas.

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