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Photos: 2018 Christmas buzz in Africa and across the world

Photos: 2018 Christmas buzz in Africa and across the world


By Mbeki Andrew

December 25, is marked as the day of Christmas across the world. The birth day of Jesus Christ is celebrated differently.

But largely it has a religious theme as Christian faithful remember the sacrifices of the man they believe died on the cross to grant them salvation.

Across Africa as is the case through much of the world, there are preparations preceding the day as families engage in shopping for holiday season.

Below are photos of how sellers of merchandise cashed in on the seasons in major African capitals and also how the faithful from Cairo to Cape Town marked the day.

There are also photos of how the faithful in other parts of the world are commemorating the day.

Christmas day news report

Christmas in a swimsuit… On this beach in Sydney, Australia, no reindeer or Santa Claus but tourists who enjoy the heat and sea for a very supervised swim.

Any other atmosphere in Karachi, Pakistan … reinforced security in front of this place of worship where hundreds of faithful from the small Christian community attend the midnight mass.

On Christmas Eve also in Rome, in St. Peter’s Basilica … Pope Francis carries the baby Jesus in the place of the manger, as required by the Christian tradition on the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in Bethlehem.

and it is precisely in Bethlehem, in a festive atmosphere gathered in the Place de la Mangeoire, near the basilica of the Nativity, around a large tree, symbol of life and eternity.

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