We are convinced beyond doubt that Jesus Christ is God – Nigerian Clergy Kaigama

We are convinced beyond doubt that Jesus Christ is God - Nigerian Clergy Kaigama


A Nigerian clergy and the Catholic Archbishop of Jos, in northcentral part of the country, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, has said Christians are convinced beyond doubt that Jesus Christ is God.

He said God sent Jesus in His place to die for our sins, adding that just as God created the world without consulting humans, He has also sent His son to help humanity feel who He is as God.

Kaigama stated this yesterday in Jos, the Plateau State capital at the Fatima Cathedral, during the Easter Mass Celebration.

He said, “Jesus came like a normal man born into a family, grew up like every normal human being. He was baptised, did so many good things and then died for our sins, to give us a new hope and to bring reconciliation between man and God.

“Christ has resurrected, went to heaven seated with the Father, and our dream, aim, hope and desire as Christians is to reach that point where we are in union with God.

“With what Christ has done we are to believe that there is no situation that is hopeless”, the Archbishop said.

Acknowledging the fact that Nigerians are suffering, Kaigama appealed to politicians to reflect on the message of Easter, aimed at providing the dividends of democracy to the people.

“There is no doubt that people are suffering, I am a grassroots’ priest, I go to the villages and I know what people are going through.

“Apart from people displaced as a result of violence and crisis, some people naturally cannot even afford to feed because of the economic situation of the country.

“Elections has come and gone, what Nigerians now expect from politicians is an improved quality of life. Is not enough to campaign for election using all the resources to get to power, what is important is for government to bring to an end the sorry situation of the masses, such as hunger, sickness and poverty and to also ensure that our youths are taken off the streets.

“We hope to see a revival, Easter is about resurrection and we want to see something resurrecting about Nigeria: we are tired of excuses, politicians doing nothing while people are in agony; all we want is to see a different orientation from the Leadership of this country.


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