South Africa’s ruling ANC supporters celebrate election victory

South Africa's ruling ANC supporters celebrate election victory


It was a joyous celebration in the streets of Soweto, Johannesburg on Saturday as supporters of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) stepped out in bold colors after their party won the general elections.

Soweto is the country’s biggest township and many of the country’s political battles were fought here.

“We are very excited about the elections, about the outcomes, we knew we were gonna come out number one, ANC and that’s it”, said ANC supporter, Siphiso Shisange.

“So I feel so excited ANC won, 57 percent, DA (Democratic Alliance) is 20 (percent), EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) is 10 (percent),” said Maogi Kgwadi.

Despite the ANC’s victory, it was the worst electoral performance by Mandela’s former liberation movement. The ANC has governed South Africa since the country’s first free election marked the end of white minority rule in 1994.

The ANC had not previously won less than 60% of the vote in a national poll.

Its seats in the 400-member parliament fell to 230 from 249.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance also saw its number of seats fall to 84 from 89, while the leftist Economic Freedom Fighters gained 19 seats to 44.


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