Sudan’s military leader welcomes power-sharing deal

skynewsafrica-Sudan's military leader welcomes power-sharing deal


Sudan’s Vice-President of the Transitional Military Council and senior military leader, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, welcomed a power-sharing agreement on Saturday.

The military council that has ruled the country since the fall of President Omar al-Bashir in April and a coalition of opposition and protest groups have temporarily agreed to share power for three years.

“The long-awaited agreement has been reached and this agreement needs unity and purity of intent”, General Dagalo said.

The agreement, which is due to be finalized on Monday, has rekindled hopes for a peaceful transition of power in a country plagued by internal conflicts and years of economic crisis that have contributed to the overthrow of Al Bashir.

The two sides agreed to establish a sovereign council to be led for the first 21 months by the military and for the last 18 months by civilians.

That’s according to a statement by the Sudanese Professionals Association, which has been behind several months of protests against Bashir and the military rulers.


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