American Ministers reports to COS, Nigeria’s Buhari on point – BDSO

American Ministers started reporting to COS in 1939, Nigeria’s Buhari on point


An international group in support of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies, has reminded Nigerians that the role of the office of the Chief of Staff (COS), was first created in 1934 by the erstwhile American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, saddled with one the responsibilities of which includes mediating between the Ministers and the President.

The international group known as Buhari Diaspora Support Organisation (BDSO), said the decision made by President Buhari is international best practices, urging Nigerians to support the move rather than seek to distract the President.

It would be recalled that President Buhari had directed the newly appointed Ministers to go through his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari before getting to him.

President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari

The directive which got Nigerians talking has however necessitated response from the Chairman of BDSO, Mr. Charles Efe Sylvester who is poised to educate Nigerians on the directive of Buhari.

Speaking in a statement sent to Sky News Africa on Monday, Sylvester said the recent misconception or lack of understanding of the role of the Chief of Staff, has compelled him to educate some countrymen.

“The duties of the White House Chief of Staff vary, yet traditionally encompass the following, such as, select and supervise key White House staff, control access to the Oval Office and the President, manage communications and information flow, and negotiate with Congress, executive branch agencies, and external political groups to implement the president’s agenda.

“In fact from the above you can clearly see that Abba Kyari should be given more responsibility. Yet a few mischievous persons and agents of corruption have become irresponsible in their attack on the COS.

“Naturally the hullabaloo over the directive should not have been necessary but for the evil manipulation and deliberate misinterpretation of Mr. President’s statement.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the office of the Chief of Staff to the President is a constitutional creation. The 1999 constitution also spelt out clearly the roles and responsibilities of the Chief of Staff to the president”, Sylvester said.

The BDSO leader also said reminded Buhari’s critics that the COS is the administrative engine room to the president and as such responsible for his day to day activities, communications, fixing of schedules and appointments for the president.

“He is the clearing house of the presidency. So the directive that Ministers should report to the COS is for emphasis so that the newly appointed Ministers can understand communications and the protocol around Mr. President, knowing that the Chief of Staff is a trusted personal/official aide of the President and superintends administration in the presidency.

People must also understand that the responsibilities of the COS amongst others involves; coordinating activities of all principal officers to the President, communicating the directive of the president to the SGF and Chief of Defence Staff and other top government functionaries.

“Setting up Adhoc bodies, including their terms of reference in conjunction with the SGF, clearance of all official military and civilian matters as well as preparation of executive summaries on official matters. It also includes arranging FEC meetings and meetings with military chiefs, communicating the president’s decisions on executive orders and other legislative issues amongst other.

“The role of the chief of staff is vital to the function of all Presidents of nations and not different in Nigeria”.

BDSO call on all agents of deception and manipulative chaos to desist from causing further distractions, so that the president can concentrate on the important issues of governance and formulate policies that will proffer solutions to urgent need for greatness as a nation.


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