Xenophobia hub: SA verifying foreigners, foreign ministers ‘clash’

Xenophobia hub: Anti-South Africa protests in DRC, Air Tanzania's blacklist


Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Ministry says five nationals have been arrested in Pretoria following an operation by the South African security agencies.

Three Ghanaians were also injured in the xenophobic attacks of earlier this week, a statement of September 6 read.

“Our Mission in Pretoria has reported that three [3] Ghanaians have been injured in the xenophobic unrest. The Mission is ensuring that the injured Ghanaians receive the necessary medical attention.”

“It is precisely this kind of outrageous stigmatization of a people from senior government officials that fuel xenophobia and embolden criminals,” this is a Twitter reaction by Nigeria’s Foreign Minister to a pronouncement by his South African counterpart.

Naledi Pendor had been quoted as saying on Thursday that drug peddlers and human traffickers needed to be kept out of the country.

Pandor told local eNCA: “(The Nigerian government must) Help us address the belief and the reality that our people have that there are many persons from Nigeria, who are dealing in drugs in our country, who are harming our young people by making drugs easily available to them.

“The belief that Nigerian nationals are involved in human trafficking and other abusive practices. This kind of assistance in ensuring that such people don’t come to our country would be of great assistance to our nation.”


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