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Nigeria’s Gov. Lalong 100 Days: No commissioner, no project – Opposition party

Nigeria’s Gov. Lalong 100 Days: No commissioner no project – Opposition party


Nigeria’s main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP), on Monday accused Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State, for not appointing Commissioners to run his government since after he was sworn-in, May 29, 2019.

The PDP has also carpeted the governor for not executing even one project in the State to commemorate his 100 days in office.

The opposition Party made these assertions in a statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary of the Party, KSM John Akans and a copy made available to our correspondent.

In the statement Akans said, “September 7th 2019 is exactly 100 days in office after the 2019 governorship election in most of the state across the nation, while other Governors celebrated this occasion with their complete cabinet in place and some identified projects were commissioned in commemoration of this occasion, our own Governor is still in a state of confusion on how and where to start from.

“As a party, we are greatly appalled at the level of Lalong’s performance at this time even though we were not expecting any meaningful performance from the governor after wasting four good years doing nothing than falsehood and propaganda. It is evident that as at today 8th September 2019 there is no single project that has been commissioned to mark 100 hundred days in office.

“This further shows the level of ineffectiveness of governor Lalong in office under APC, we said it before now that there is no way a party that have no democratic norms will be able to deliver dividends of democracy in a democratic set up such as this, today we have been vindicated.

“We want to believe that the asymmetrical behavior of APC leaders has clearly define the difficulties they are facing in delivering people’s oriented governance. It is therefore important that in the face of this reality of a failed leadership, we strongly advice the APC to at least reposition its party in a democratic manner that will be inherent to the democratic process in line with people’s thinking”, the statement said.

Reacting the state All Progressives Congress (APC), Chairman, Hon. Latep Daban cautioned PDP to stop criticising Governor Lalong without getting their facts correctly.

According to Daban in a statement sent to our reporter, he said, “we urge the PDP to spare its breath from the attempt to embark on a wild goose chase of 100 days achievements from a governor who in just 4 years did what they could not do in 16 years.

“Lalong is not in a popularity contest but on a mission to restore peace, revive the economy and build solid infrastructure that will put Plateau back to its leading place in Nigeria.

“Moreover, the erratic PDP fails to understand that the 100 days achievement mantra is synonymous with first term governors and not re-elected governors.

“Lalong who is more interested in the welfare of the Plateau people has almost completed all the projects the PDP abandoned after mismanaging the public purse and has simultaneously initiated several legacy projects some of which are completed with others ongoing.

“He is succeeding in his mandate and the least he needs now is the sort of petty, confusing and ignorant venom being poured out by the dilapidated umbrella to distract him”, the APC Chairman said.

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