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Nigeria’s Plateau Opposition Peoples Democratic Party’s Chairman, Mr. Gwots Chocho, observing braking of concrete rock stones usually called aggregate.

The stones are used in road construction, buildings and houses.

These stones are commonly found in Plateau State in the north central part of Nigeria.

What you need to know about crushed rock stone:

Roads, concrete and asphalt use crushed rock, usually called” aggregate”. We sometimes call it “gravel”, but that’s a little sloppy, because if it started out as gravel, it has been crushed before use, in which case it is at least properly called “crushed gravel”. Blocks of rock for buildings are usually called “building stone” or by the actual rock name or nickname like “brownstone”. Often the stone for buildings is a thin layer, maybe 3/4 inch thick, that is called “facing stone” used for a decorative weather surface. Facing stone goes by a wide range of proper rock names or trade names such as “Dakota red granite”, “Baltic Brown”, etc. usually denoting the product of a specific quarry or region. In terms of what specific types or rock are used, with the exception of facing stone, shipping cost rules the day. Regions tend to use the best rock that is handy, not the best from an engineering point-of-view. If you look at different cities, you can see differences in the building stone they use, especially in the older buildings. Even the pyramids had to compromise, using rock from the location for the vast bulk, and bringing in thin facing limestone from further away.


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