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PHOTOS: Moroccans swim, sing, reconnects as lockdown lifts

sky news africa Moroccans swim, sing, reconnects as lockdown lifts


 Moroccans are re-experiencing a taste of the life before. In newly opened public spaces, every sip of coffee in a cafe, every dip in a river with friends, every moment of outdoor intimacy is savored.

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In the capital Rabat, people welcomed the end of more than three months of virus lockdown starting Tuesday with the joy of a religious holiday. They met friends, planned days at the beach, and visited relatives.

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The pandemic left its scars on Morocco’s economy and Moroccans’ well-being, however, that will take a long time to heal.

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“Coronavirus is the least of my worries,” says Mohammed Tighiri, a waiter in the Best Coffee café in the city center, his mask resting on his chin. “If my boss isn’t able to pay his bills, I won’t be able to pay mine.”

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He paused to watch flower merchants across from his cafe, their voices louder than usual as they called on passersby to buy from their shops. None stopped.

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