Nigeria’s President Buhari gets an open letter

skynewsafrica open letter to Nigeria's president Buhari


4th July, 2020

President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR,

President and Commander In Chief the Armed Forces,

Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Rock Villa,


Dear Sir,


On behalf of the members of defunct C.P.C (and still a legitimate members of APC Plateau State chapter, we first and foremost want to congratulate you for your leadership quality for immediately sitting in a place a presidential task force on the most dangerous invisible enemy of mankind the COVID-19 and your immediate directives of total lock down in the country which has grossly reduce the mortality rate in the country we are proud to be identified with your leadership quality.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. It is in that regard that we want to sincerely appreciate you for the declaration of state of emergency on agriculture, if not for your early intervention in agriculture in Nigeria from inception, we would have been a laughing stock in this pandemic because the country would have been suffering from food shortage if proper decision was not taken from inception.

We also want to felicitate with you for your timely intervention during the challenges that our party was facing from national to state level in which you immediately weigh in to safe the party from been pull down by selfish politicians with the successful resolution of constituting a caretaker working committee under the able leadership of his Excellency Governor, Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State.

We wish to comment your fatherly role in uniting the party and we pray that the caretaker committee will respect the template of the merger to give room for free fair and just participation.

2. Mr. President Sir, the Defunct C.P.C members are people that share in your ideologies that our politics is broken, our nation urgently needs fundamental governance to make it more transparent and accountable which was our philosophy and our prayers answered in 2015 to rescue Nigeria for equity, peace and prosperity.

3. We hereby forward our passionate request for consideration of our members for a political recognition since we have not been recognized by the state chapter in Plateau state, since inception.

We are stuck where we are now because we live in a materialistic world where all attention is only given to men with deep pockets while we ignore men with deep thoughts that is our case on the Plateau.

4. That the former Defunct CPC members who work for the party were neither recognized nor considered for any political appointment in the state by the present administrations, in which the Governor of the state is considered to be one of your confidant but for those of us that identify with you from inception have been relegated to backbenchers.

We make bold to say that all the appointments made by the state governor are members of movement for a better Plateau but not on party basis because the merger principle has been sacrificed by this present leadership and the records are there for you to make reference.

5. Most of the members of the present executive council championed the persecution of C.P.C loyalist in 2011, when the President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR was campaigning for Presidency as our presidential candidate in which we were arrested, detained and remanded in court for no any special crime apart from being a member of the defunct C.P.C in Plateau, see attached copy of ruling in respect of same.

6. It should be noted that the present administration a child of necessity, was not from ACN, ANPP, APGA or CPC this place them in a very difficult awkward position to implement the template of the merger. Since they were coming from a pressured group known as MOVEMENT FOR A BETTER PLATEAU which is a pressure group. See attached letter of their request for special consideration for the MOVEMENT FOR A BETTER PLATEAU to join the merger with a letter dated 13th May 2013 address to the chairman technical committee of mergers at the National in their very words.

We want to assure the technical committee that the movement is not in any way attempting to undermine or take over the existing party structures of the various parties in the state. Which is false, the structures have been high jacked by this Movement for a Better Plateau.

To mention a few out of the list, the Governor, his Excellency Dr. Barr Simon Bako Lalong, the A.P.C State Chairman, the Secretary to the State Government, The Chief of Staff, the Party State Secretary etc all are from Movement For A Better Plateau which clearly shows that the merger principle and the templates were not followed. For the fact that the Governor is not only the Governor of Plateau state but the chairman of Northern Governors forum, he should have followed your footsteps when you said in your acceptance speech that you “belong to everybody and belong to nobody”.

We expected him as a leader of Northern Governors forum to follow your steps but reverse is the case because his appointment is based on Movement for A Better Plateau which is a pressure group, based on friendship, classmates and Southern Senatorial basis.

7. The Defunct C.P.C which is an active member that sacrifices her certificate to get a purposeful leadership that is given a global recognition and restoring integrity to our nation, the Plateau state chapter is still based on sentiments and relationship.

8. Also attached is a letter from Plateau Rescue front with the title: Governor Lalong is de-marketing the APC in Plateau State addressed to the Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR. This is to further emphasize that something is fundamentally wrong with the Pressure groups that are in control in the state.

9. We suffered while you were struggling for the post of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and now that you have gotten the mandate, we cannot remain silent we need to let you know that we have not been carried along right from inception till now.

10. Mr. President Sir, the constitution of our great party dwells on the aims and objectives of the party clearly states that the party is expected to consciously pursue the implementation of policies and programmes of the party, through those of its members that are appointed or elected into government, legislatives house and Board throughout the federation, but reverse is the case on the Plateau because its aims and objectives is based on a Movement for a Better Plateau but not of a party’s constitution.

No wonder the office of APC on the Plateau is under lock and key, you hardly meet any functional activities to prove that it is a party that is in control. Muhammad Sanusi former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria said the worst form of corruption we have in this country is nepotism, when people get into position by virtue of personal loyalty, friendship and who they know, rather than what they can actually deliver by virtue of their competence for that office.

11. Based on the above reason we are appealing for your kind consideration to intervene in this matter. This will go a long way to re-strengthening the confidence that our teaming supporters that have faith in our party and the leadership of Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR. Because we want the party to go beyond the tenure of the present administration and to give Nigerians a purposeful leadership.

12. It is a well-established facts that the state chairman is coming from a “Movement For A Better Plateau”, and he is not from the legacy party we call upon the National caretaker committee to immediately constitute a caretaker committee in Plateau state for proper handling of party affairs any shortfall of that is the betrayal of the merger policies. We are law abiding citizen so we will not take the law into our hands knowing fully that our President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR is a complete champion of law and order and he is completely against impunity, to crown it all the chairman was not elected he was imposed base on the movement for a better Plateau.

13. Refusing to recognize us in the state politically is a deliberate technical way of reducing our strength and making us helpless knowing fully our vote in the last election before the merger we pulled 37% in 2011 for Mr. President despite all odds against us and we can do more come 2023 if been recognized politically by the Federal Government.

14. We strongly advise that names forwarded by the A.P.C State Chairman to National Headquarters of the party for consideration for appointment are mostly members of Movement for a Better Plateau, henceforth, the National caretaker committee should disregard any communication in respect of our party from the State Chairman since he is not representing the interest of the party but that of a pressure group.

We strongly recommend that before the extraordinary convention the caretaker committee should look into issues in various states and resolve them before the extraordinary convention because since some states do not implement the merger and the template policies with total disregard to the constitution of the party. The National Caretaker Committee should note that the tsunami of 2015 for the election of Mr. President was because he was generally an acceptable candidate with over 12.5million followers that has been following him from ANPP to CPC, in that regard we strongly advice that proper resolution should be done so that justice should be seen done to all those that actively participated in the struggle of the change.

We want proper implementation of the merger template before 2023 to give room for free fair and credible representation from the leadership. Our lives began to end the day we become silent about things that matter there is an adage which says that a sting in time saves nine

We also want to use this medium to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for his well-deserved victory at the polls, and his re-election goes to show that Nigerians have continued to keep faith with Mr. President in his three focal points by fulfilling his campaign promises, by sustaining security, fighting corruption and re-structuring the economy. We also want assure you that we support this administration in totality.

While anticipating your kind responds, please your Excellency accept the assurances of our high regards and esteem consideration.

Yours sincerely,











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