Nigeria’s energy coy procures 20,000 meters

skynewsafrica Nigeria’s energy coy procures 20,000 meters


Electricity Company in Nigeria otherwise known as Jos Electricity Distribution (JED), Plc, said it has purchased 20,000 meters aimed at ensuring that every house hold within its jurisdiction is metered

JED said out of the 20,000 meters purchased, 6,000 was delivered to its office on Tuesday.

“The meters will be delivered to its franchise states of Plateau, Bauchi, Gombe and Benue States all in northern part of Nigeria, with strict adherence to the new energy supply policy, which has been categoriesed into band A, B, C and D,” the spokesman for JED, Dr. Friday Elijah said.

Elijah told Sky News Africa that the purchased meters gulped a whooping sum of N1, 450, 000, 000 (one billion, four hundred and fifty million naira).

“The meters will only be deployed to customers who had previously keyed into the company’s promo of debt recovery that took place sometimes last year and will be targeted at unmetered customers on band A and B, so as to avoid probable dispute that could arise if they were left on estimation.

“We will give these meters to our Customers who were promised during the promo exercise as a measure of the fulfilment of our promises to them. Some of them keyed into our debt recovery promo and so, we are morally obligated to give them the meters.

“These procured meters are not only for retail customers, but also include High Tension (HT) metered customers for energy accounting and for unmanned injection sub stations energy data analysis,” the JED spokesman said.


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