ENDSARS: Nigerians in UK plan rally, support Buhari

sky news africa ENDSARS Nigerians in UK plan rally, support Buhari


…. Says President Buhari has disbanded SARS, why continuing the protest?

A group under the auspices of concerned Nigerians in the Diaspora has said it will hold a rally in London to push support for President Mohammadu Buhari, saying that the President has met the demand of the protesters by disbanding the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), unit of the Nigerian Police.

The group said Buhari has also accepted to work on the 5 point request of the protesters, wondering why the protesters are still occupying the streets if government is giving them a listening ear.

“Buhari has disbanded the SARS, he has also accepted to work on the 5 point requests of the protesters. So the big question is why are they continuing?”

Leader of the Group, Mr. Efe Charles Sylvester, who spoke to Sky News Africa’s Correspondent through a statement on Wednesday, said he observed that the problem with the protesters is impatient to allow the President respond to their demands.

“One answer to that is impatience for the answers and another could be gradual infiltrations by anti Buhari forces. Now we have another dimension of the protests been hijacked by area boys and hoodlums who are now destroying lives and properties and preventing Nigerians from going about their normal businesses, in this hard times of economic hardship and global depression caused by COVID 19 pandemic”, Sylvester said.

According to him: “Nigeria’s problem started during the past 60 years and cannot be solved like a magic. We must remember that surgical operation comes with pain. Buhari is trying his best and will need our support to succeed.

“We are planning a rally in the Nigerian High Commission, UK, on October 23, to drum up support for the president. Even though we acknowledge that Nigerians have the right to be angry because of the prevailing economic hardship, however we are calling for caution and understanding in the face of the current realities.

“We want to remind Nigerians that the rot in the system did not start with the President, but he has been funding ways to fix the economy”.

Sylvester who spoke in a lengthy statement added that many Nigerians are angry and have the right to be so, but said they should remember that the wealth of the country was looted mostly by the past administrations with money running into Trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it.

“A previous government spent over $16 Billion on power and nothing to show for it but darkness. It is Buhari that is trying to fix the sector. Other governments spent billions of dollars for railway and yet there were no trains running. It was Buhari who came when oil prices is low and is trying to fix the rail.

“Abuja – Kaduna rail is now running and has recently commissioned the Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri rail line for commercial operation after 30 years the project was conceived. Also the Lagos -Ibadan rail line is under way.

“President Buhari is constructing the Second Niger Bridge and has reimbursed the South eastern governors for road constructions”.

The group leader said in terms of democratic values, Buhari had always ensured that elections are free and fair without intervention, adding that during the past governments they rigged elections in favour of their party.

“In South-South Edo State elections that was recently concluded Buhari did not intervene despite pressure from his party stalwarts. He gave the late acclaimed presidential winner of June 12 1993 election, popularly known as MKO Abiola, honours and declared June 12 democracy day.

“He introduced many social intervention programmes and youth job creation programmes. The agricultural revolution, where rice is now grown locally and fertilizer that is used to be as scarce as gold is now available to farmers”, Sylvester said


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