Menstrual cycle is not a death sentence, NGO tasks teenagers

sky news africa Menstrual cycle is not a death sentence, NGO tasks teenagers

A non-governmental organisation saddled with the responsibility of educating the girl child has made it clear to teenagers that menstrual cycle is not a death sentence but a sign of maturity.

The NGO known as Paradise Mission for Widows and Teenage Girls, with its headquarters in Nigeria’s north central Plateau State, said the awareness became imperative after a young girl took her life because she was seeing her cycle for the first time without knowing and stained herself with blood, a situation that triggered mockery among her classmates.

“She was laughed at by her classmates because of the stain, so she ran home and committed suicide”, Pastor Jane Egbo coordinator of the NGO said.

Pastor Jane Egbo demonstrating to teenagers on how to use sanitary pad

Egbo who spoke on Friday at a lecture organised for the girl child admonished teenagers to take menstrual hygiene seriously because if not properly managed it will result to body odor.

“It is important that they know that sanitary pad should be changed every four hours, if not it will lead to body smell”, she said.

The NGO also spoke on equal right between the male and the female folks appealing to parents to give them equal education.

Our Correspondent reports that the Beijing Declaration call on all to join in the collective efforts to resource and deliver comprehensive and inclusive menstrual health saying that all people who menstruate should receive information about the menstrual cycle, its link to reproductive health and rights, and how to take care of their bodies and be able to make informed choices about menstrual products and practices and be socially supported to participate freely in daily activities free from menstrual-related discrimination; have access to health services for menstrual disorders; and have a safe physical environment with water and sanitation services that support menstrual health and waste management.


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