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Zimbabwe: China’s teapot is breaking into pieces

Zimbabweans react to rising inflation



It is no secret that the ruling Zimbabwean regime is a making of the Chinese. The shape of its geographic map has earned Zimbabwe the nickname ‘teapot nation ‘.

The Chinese have a pottery art of restoring broken ceramics pottery. It is called kinstugi.

The pottery can be restored to its previous state even after being broken into pieces.

 Enough about art, in reality China might be unable to restore the breaking teapot nation. It needs Zimbabwe to stay the same. Anyways that’s what happens to socialist states because they are built on pretend utopias of equality.

The Chinese have patronized the incumbent of the authoritarian regime presidency. Evading taxes and getting mining concessions without proper application processes the Chinese are in charge.

They commit crimes and grab land from the Zimbabwean people with the blessing of the government. China has kept the regime in power by supplying the government with military weapons which end up being used on civilians. Huawei has never paid taxes and there is some dubious reason offered by the Chinese embassy and Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

Why Zimbabwe is breaking into two nations is the important issue. For long the Zimbabwean government has practiced ethnic politics.

From the 1980s Gukurahundi genocide that almost wiped out Ndebele speaking ethnic groups. In August they took it further by engaging in mining activities within the internationally renowned Hwange National Park using concessions given directly by the president.

The local community around the park was not informed nor did the leaders from the area know. This was a violation of environmental rights and another example of the bad side of centralized government with ethnic supremacist tendencies. To separatist movements this was a sign that calls to decentralize government authority and take the needs of the San people were not being heard.

This is a regime that has used or rather has continued to use sophisticated means to suppress the minority ethnic groups. The requirements for obtaining a birth-certificate have blocked thousands from acquiring the identification documents.

Many lost their parents during Gukurahundi hence obtaining a registration certificate is difficult plus forty years on some are now parents and grandparents, which means there are families without proper citizen registration documents. Most of the political prisoners during protests or before elections are from the western region.

Voter awareness campaigns are not done in Ndebele speaking areas this has created a decline in voter registration leading to fewer constituencies which are gerrymandered before every election.

The electoral system has been automated to suppress the minority vote.

Zimbabwe has reached a point of no return in its political existence. The teapot is already cracking.

What will China do? With a terrorist insurgency rocking neighbouring Mozambique there is more at stake. Zimbabwe is the de facto chairman of the gentlemen’s club of African tyrants parading as the African Union.

This coupled with the president being a puppet of the Chinese gives China absolute influence over the continent. Without Zimbabwe China might face problems in dealing with other African nations.

A divided Zimbabwe will mean a new regime takes over in Harare with conservative libertarians taking over the new country to the west. Something that China will not like.

Without Zimbabwe many African states will be left alone to face their internal conflicts with democracy motivated political parties because there will be no faked blind diplomacy based on regional solidarity.

If the teapot breaks Chinese hegemony in Africa is weakened.

Already some countries are showing resentment to Chinese presence in the continent.

The country is beyond the state of being restored. The socialist ethnic supremacy regime is falling apart.

The minorities are engaging foreign media and the international community for a referendum. Unless China pushes Zimbabwe to rig and then back Zimbabwe in the United Nations Security Council the teapot is already in pieces and it’s evident to everyone.

Chinese hegemony in Africa is about to end and her loyal child is losing grip on the political future of Zimbabwe.

Written by Rabhelani Mguni from Zimbabwe

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