Foster mother adopted son but then an odd phone call came in

sky news africa Foster Mother Adopted A Son But Then An Odd Phone Call Came In

Katie Page was already in her thirties when she went through the devastation of a divorce.

At that point, she no longer thought it was possible to have her own family… until she made a life-changing decision. However, it was not possible to predict the roller coaster ride parenthood would be!

It is always hard to go through a divorce.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Katie felt unfulfilled when it happened to her.

The main reason would be the fact that she had no choice but to put her dreams of a family on hold. What was next for her?

There was nothing else to do but to start over again.

It is why she moved to Denver, Colorado. Before this, she went on a soul-searching journey that made her decide to push the figurative restart button.

She ended up moving after getting a job offer from GE Johnson. At the construction company, she was going to be an integrated service manager!

She was glad she made this decision. It was time for her to turn things around!

She bought a 4-bedroom house that required certain renovations. “The house I bought would require extensive work to transform into my vision and most of which I would have to do myself in order to afford it,” she explained.

Even though she knew that this place had ‘more’ in store for it, she did not know what it meant just yet.

Of course, she had to spend a lot of money on the new home.

It was a good thing, she thought. This could curb unnecessary spending since she wanted to do everything by herself.

It would also keep her occupied while she tried to fix her life. However, it still felt like her life was not yet complete.

There were several options for her. She still felt hesitant about them, but it was comforting to know she had them.

Even though the renovation project kept her busy, she was still looking for something else.

She hoped that changing these aspects of her life would lend her a different perspective.

That did happen to a certain extent, but she wanted more out of life. This is why she considered adoption again. Was this going to be the answer to her prayers?

She wanted something new in life, so she became interested in fostering children. She liked kids, so she felt like it would give her the purpose she always wanted. She always dreamed of becoming a mom, but it just wasn’t in the books for her.

Katie received a letter from the church she had been attending in the area. They had a seminar about a program for foster parents. She liked the sound of this idea. Could it be that she has finally discovered her calling in life?

The foster care meeting at her local church managed to move this single woman. She made up her mind after going there and listening to what they had to say. Even though she got the nerves about this undertaking, it did tug at her heartstrings as well.

She picked a very good date to launch her foray into motherhood. She sent out her application form during Mother’s Day 2015! By the end of everything that happened, she found out that this single decision would change her life forever.

She needed to think it over to see if this was the right choice for her. Do not forget that she was, at the time, a single woman new to that area. Can she really do this on her own? It was going to be hard, but she decided that she could.

She filed the application and soon started getting cases. The kids that she ended up taking in were not only parentless kids but also ones who went through traumas. It only motivated her to do help more!


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