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Hamas national security leader killed in Gaza – Palestinian report

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Shanti was a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the first woman in the political bureau of Hamas.

The Commander of the Hamas-led National Security Forces in Gaza Jehad Mheisen was killed by an Israeli airstrike, according to Palestinian reports on Thursday.Mheisen was killed along with his family members in the attack on his home in the neighborhood of Sheikh Radwan in Gaza City.The IDF has not confirmed his death.

Additionally, IDF forces killed Jamila Abdallah Taha al-Shanti, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the first woman in the political bureau of Hamas, according to Hamas radio, Israeli media reported Thursday. 

Shanti, 68, was a founder of Hamas’s women’s movement and was married to Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, a Hamas founder and leader, whom the Israeli Air Force killed by Hellfire missile in April 2004. 

Since the beginning of Israel war against Hamas, following the terror organization’s October 7 attacks, Israeli security forces, and in particular the Israeli Air Force, have targeted Hamas leaders for elimination. 

IDF’s successful target campaign

The IDF successfully targeted Osama al-Mazini, a senior member of Hamas’s political bureau and the head of Hamas’s Shura Council, on Monday. The terrorist organization’s national security commander of Gaza’s southern district was also killed in a targeted attack on Sunday evening, and the IDF announced on Monday afternoon that it had successfully assassinated its head of General Intelligence in Khan Yunis. An Israeli airstrike on Tuesday afternoon killed its Central Gaza Brigade head, Hamas admitted, and up to 14 members of the family of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, including his brother and nephew were also killed in an airstrike on Tuesday.

The strategic targeting of Hamas leaders, government and military installations is part of Israel’s response to the devastating attacks that saw Hamas terrorists infiltrate southern Israel, attacking border communities and IDF bases, Killing over 1,400 Israelis, and kidnapping some 200 others and taking them hostage in Gaza. 

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