Nigeria’s energy coy JED, wants clients to pay from home, workplace


Nigeria’s energy company, codenamed the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED), has introduced an easy payment system for its customers by injecting the popular Point Of Sales (POS), machine to enable its consumers pay their bills from their workplace or homes.

The Managing Director of the Company, Engr. Abdu Mohammed said the aim is to also increase revenue generation which will enable the company to pay for its generated electricity, procure more meters for its numerous customers and service the public optimally.

JED spoke in a statement signed by the Head of Corporate Communications, Dr. Friday Elijah, saying that the efforts can best be explained thus: “bringing payment to your doorstep”, he said.

However, to fulfill the promise made to consumers that every customer must be metered, Engr. Mohammed stated that it has injected 12,000 meters for a start as a step to matching his words with action.

He said it is equally necessary to meter everyone as the measure will mitigate against estimated billing.

Beginning with a section in Jos South Local Government Area, Rantya community, Nigeria’s North-Central, Mohammed said the energy company will extend to other areas within its four franchised States.

He consequently also appealed to residents not to bypass the meters when installed, warning that there is now a law in place that prosecutes offenders.

According to him: “It is important to note that we chose the Rantya community to commence this exercise. We have procured meters in large quantities to cater for the entire Rantya feeder. Everybody on the feeder shall be metered free of charge.

“I have also instructed my colleagues to ensure that supply is steady, reliable and available. I also want to implore that customers do not bypass these meters as we plead that they should protect the entire venture so that we can re-invest to ensure energy availability”, he said. 

“We have stocked over 12,000 meters to install under phase 1 of our metering programme. We are starting with Rantya. We will also procure more at the end of January to ensure that we meter our customers end to end.

“Safeguard the meters by protecting them against willful damage and bypass. 

“A single-phase meter costs over N80,000 while a three-phase meter costs over N140,000 per meter but we are giving you these meters free of charge. 

“Please take ownership of the meter. Do not allow anybody to tamper with it. Report all faults officially to JED. Don’t allow third-party electricians to tamper with the meters.

“We have engaged the services of the Special Investigation and Prosecution Task Force on Electricity Offences (SIPTEO) established by the Federal Government whose responsibility is to investigate, prosecute and jail electricity thieves and vandals”, he said.

In his remarks, the Chief Operating Officer, Alhaji Mammanlafia Umar urged residents to help JED apprehend those who are bypassing meters. “Speak out when you see electricity thieves”, he added.

Umar stressed that once these meters are bypassed, it defeats the purpose of the investment. “For your information, it has now become a crime for the offenders”, he said.


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