Nigeria’s construction coy begs Jos Building Board to unseal project site

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A construction company, El-Zaks Concepts, has appealed to the Jos Metropolitan Development Board (JMDB),in northcentral Plateau State, to unseal its project site which was sealed due to a collapse of a car lot section of an ongoing construction of a shopping complex in a popular Jos central market.

Describing the collapse as a ‘human error’, El-Zaks said it could happen in any construction project especially during casting.

Speaking to journalists on Monday in Jos, an Engr. of the company, Yasir Adams, said a parking lot under construction as requested by the Agency, developed an error that led to its collapse.

Taking responsibility for the action, Adams said it could happen to anyone, appealing to the Agency to unseal the site as every necessary measures will be put in place to ensure that the error will not reoccur. 

“We have been in building construction for years and the safety of the public is our priority”, Adams said.

He said it was not the main building under construction that collapsed but a section of the car park.

“The car park was an additional instruction from the JMDB for us to construct, which we adhered to. 

“The main building is between 90 to 95 percent completed.

“We got approval from the State government (JMDB), on April 4, 2023, after which we commenced the construction”, Adams explained.

He assured newsmen that the management team of the company will be meeting with the JMDB for further talks, promising that all gray areas will be strengthened.

“The building is in good shape that can stand the taste of time. It is just a section of the car lot that dropped, which recorded no casualty and we take full responsibility”, El-Zaks re-emphasised.


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