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Decline in coffee prices is a major concern for farmers

Decline in coffee prices is a major concern for farmers

In Ethiopia, the fall in world coffee prices to their lowest level is likely to lead to a drastic drop in production.

Is it worthwhile to continue growing coffee? An issue that divides farmers in producing countries such as Ethiopia, who are experiencing a fall in world coffee prices, which has reached its lowest level in nearly 13 years.

Producers complain about fluctuations in financial markets in New York that have a direct impact on local prices for this crop.

Mozambique : towards the use of Chinese Yuan

The Chinese Yuan continues its conquest of Africa, a currency that may soon replace the US dollar in countries like Mozambique.

The meeting of leaders from 14 African countries in 2018 in Zimbabwe to discuss the integration of the Chinese yuan as a reserve currency was undoubtedly a prerequisite.

Several countries in Eastern and Southern Africa then agreed on the logic of repaying their loans in Chinese currency to better facilitate trade. This possibility is not excluded by Mozambique, which aims to diversify its reserves outside the dollar.

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