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Zimbabwe: Funeral held for slain protester

Zimbabwe: Funeral held for slain protester


In Zimbabwe, mourners gathered at the home of deceased 22 year old Kelvin Tinashe Choto during his funeral in Chitungwiza about 30 kilometres south east of the capital, Harare.

A gifted footballer set to go for trials in South Africa, the young man was shot in the head by soldiers outside his home on Monday following protests against fuel price hikes.

MDC President Nelson Chamisa attended the funeral service before Choto’s burial at Zororo cemetery on Saturday.

“Kevin did not die, Kevin was killed, there is a difference between the fact you have been killed and you have died, being killed is before your time”.

Dozens of Zimbabweans have been shot . Others claim they have been hunted down in their homes at night, with soldiers and masked people in plainclothes dragging them away, severely beating them and leaving them for dead.

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